With us, not only do you reach precisely the correct target audience. We transport your messages using professional technology and lots of knowhow. To our mailing list, or to your own database of addresses.



We send stand-alone e-mails with your content in HTML format to our qualified trade distribution list (approx. 18,000 recipients). We generate the sending authorizations (opt-in) via an in-house call center. To ensure that our distribution list does not wear out and that you achieve the optimum advertising effect, we generally send no more than two to three e-mailings per day.

In addition, we offer you further distribution lists with special target groups, which you can also reach via stand-alone e-mail or other advertising media (preferably content ads).

We are also happy to provide you with our expertise and technology for professional e-mail marketing to your own addresses.

In all areas, we take over the creation of the e-mails for you - if desired (HTML programming in the normal scope) and also provide them with response options on request (e.g. order directly from the e-mail).

No matter if important information, special offers or aggressive sales - with our e-mail distributors and services you will reach your target group in a few minutes. Only the content is up to you.


• Select time of sending
• Deliver subject and advertising material (e-mail in HTML format)
• Subject check by ROUTMAIL online marketing specialists, if necessary
• Send advertising material (after approval)
• Address management (matching, returns, cancellations, etc.)
• Status report on request (opening rate, link tracking)

If you are unable to provide us with advertising material ready for dispatch, we will create it for you on request:

• Provide content (texts, prices, images, links)
• Provide design (corporate design, graphic examples)
• Optional: design development (extra charge)
• Creation or programming e.g. of the e-mail in HTML format


Whether via ROUTMAIL ChannelTrade or when sending your own mailing – we send using professional server technology and achieve a delivery rate of up to 99.5%. By using CSA and ReturnPath, we also ensure that your emails are not caught up in spam filters, but delivered directly to recipients.