With us, not only do you reach precisely the correct target audience. We transport your messages using professional technology and lots of knowhow. To our mailing list, or to your own database of addresses.



We send standalone emails, in HTML format, to our continuously checked and updated mailing list of specialist traders (approx 20,000 recipients). We generate the authorisation to send such mailings (opt-ins) in our very own call centre. So that our mailing list doesn't lose its potency, and in order to ensure that you receive optimum advertising effect, we generally send no more than two or three mailings per day. 

What’s more, we can also offer you additional mailing lists of specialist target groups, who you can also reach using standalone email. 

And of course, we would be pleased to make our expertise and technology available to you for professional email marketing to your own addresses.  

In all three areas, we take care of creation of the emails (HTML programming, up to a reasonable limit), should you require us to. And if requested, we can also include response options (eg ability to order directly from the email). 

Important information, special offers, or aggressive clearance sales – our email distribution systems and services enable you to reach your target group in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is come up with the content.

The email sending process

• Choose send time
• Supply the email subject line and content in HTML format
• ROUTMAIL online marketing specialists check your subject line
• Emails sent (once approved)  
• Address management (comparison, bouncebacks, unsubscribes etc)
• Status report upon request (percentage opened, link tracking) 

Should you be unable to provide us with ready-to-send emails in HTML format,  we can create these for you at no extra charge: 

• Supply content (text, prices, photos, links)
• Specify design (corporate design, examples of graphics)
• Optional: Design development (extra charge)  
• Creation/programming of the email in HTML format


Whether via ROUTMAIL ChannelTrade or when sending your own mailing – we send using professional server technology and achieve a delivery rate of up to 99.5%. By using CSA and ReturnPath, we also ensure that your emails are not caught up in spam filters, but delivered directly to recipients.