Increase the success of your marketing activities. For over 20 years, ROUTMAIL has been a fixture in the IT landscape and is actively used by IT decision-makers and leading companies.



It is not only the ICT market that has been undergoing major change for years - the transport and procurement of information has also changed a great deal in recent times. Today, IT decision makers (resellers, VARs, system houses, IT decision makers) increasingly use the Internet and mobile services to obtain up-to-date information about new products, training offers, prices, availability and much more. ROUTMAIL provides IT decision makers with the information they need - quickly and reliably.

We offer manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to send offers to more than 18,000 specialist dealers or other target groups within a very short time. Our name says it all: like a router, we see ourselves as an exchange that forwards incoming data (information, offers) electronically to the intended addressees (IT decision-makers). In order to deliver the information in the most targeted manner possible, we maintain our own telephone team, which continuously qualifies new recipient addresses.