Increase the success of your marketing activities. ROUTMAIL has been a constant fixture of the IT landscape for more than nine years, and is actively used by IT decision makers and leading businesses.



Not only has the ICT market been undergoing constant change in recent years: how information is transported and received has also changed immeasurably during this time. Today, IT decision makers (resellers, VARs, systems houses etc) are increasingly using the internet and mobile services in order to keep themselves informed about new products, training courses, prices, availability and much more besides. ROUTMAIL provides IT decision makers with the desired information – quickly and dependably. 

We offer manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to be able to send their offers to more than 20,000 specialist traders, or other target groups, in the very shortest time. Our name says it all: we regard ourselves as being like a router, in that we receive data that arrives electronically (information, offers), and forward it to its intended recipients (IT decision makers). In order to ensure that the information delivered is as accurately targeted as possible, we maintain our own telephone team, which continuously qualifies new recipient addresses.